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I got the initial layout done for the new comic Monthly today & tomorrow I should get the print layout done & print it up. I’ve got two-thirds of the stuff printed out for SPACE now & I may even get to assemble some prior to getting to Columbus.

Been working with Azalia Snail a bit as far as figuring out about doing a mini-comic to promote her album & acting as a sounding board for mixing a couple new tracks.  I really like the idea of working with artists as a semi-collaborator like this.  It makes me feel more useful as a label owner for sure as far as having the ability to help an artist put out the best release they can.

I made some more batches of stuff brewing today (two new batches of mead & a weaponized ginger ale & a weaponized creme soda).  So now I have six things fermenting in my room & my room smells a bit like bread from the yeast.  Not quite sure if it’s a good smell or not at the strength level it’s at.

Last Night’s Dreams:
The Earth has been abandoned & is just a cemetery where people get their bodies shipped to rest after traveling through space.  My job is to try to find plots to put the bodies in & stack no more than twenty people in the same grave.

I’m trying to clean my face & it’s so dirty that I cut the skin off & am washing it in the sink like a stained silk shirt.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get it back on.  The air stings the exposed muscles of my face, but the cold water feels good on my hands.

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