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I’ve spent the past couple of days split between working on my quarterly paperwork, drawing Lost Kisses #23, & prepping the boxes for the comic box sets.  Amazing how long it takes me to draw stickfigures.  Anyway, while doing this I’ve been watching some movies & posting about them on Finally Checking It Out.

So I was talking with one of my distros & they’ve recently signed a deal that should make the Silber back catalog more readily available in Europe.  We’ll see if it really comes to fruition.

So last week one of the Northern Valentine CDs came back saying it didn’t have enough postage on it.  Since only one came back I figured a postman couldn’t count stamps & sent it back.  Yesterday I was in a rush to get some international packages out & I had a domestic I paid for at the counter & the price was $0.24 more than I expected for the package.  Turns out they raised the postal rates in January & no one told me about it.  Mailing a CD domestic costs $2.12 now.  Makes me think about increasing the prices.  So basically after the envelope, Paypal fee, shipping, & CD manufacturing cost I’m getting $7 per order to try to use to recoup expenses for a release & then split with a band towards royalties.  What do you think is a fair price for a release given that I include shipping in the price?  Is $12 domestic & $14 international too low or is it reasonable or should I just think more about fading out physical sales all together?

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