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So I thought last week that I had printed up enough comics to fill the orders for the Kickstarter.  & maybe I had, but with the couple additional box sets I sold & all the comics I unloaded at SPACE I’m a couple hundred comics short.  So today I needed to print some more up, but I needed to take the printer apart & clean it to get the print quality I wanted & now I have to assemble them all & try to finish things up with getting the packages assembled & shipped out.

In other comic news I realized I need to increase the prices of the comics when people order them online.  Paypal takes a fee & then there’s shipping of course & I was only going a nickel over expenses (given my time is of no value).  So soon I’ll be increasing the prices to $1.50.

Lately mwvm has been putting up songs as they’re recorded rather than waiting for an album.  I’m still undecided about the no album format so many musicians are adopting, but more good music is more good music.

So a few weeks ago at the Blondena release party I performed a trio improv collaboration with my Small Life Form rig & Peter Aldrich performed in a separate trio.  Here’s the audio artifacts of the event.

I watched this movie Dagon today while assembling my comics.  I hadn’t watched it because though I’m a fan of the Lovecraft mythology, I saw a bunch of the movies based on his work that came out in the 1990s & they were all pretty awful.  But this one lives up to the hype of a decent little Lovecraftian horror movie.

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3 Responses to Comics, mwvm, Peter Aldrich, Small Life Form, Dagon

  1. michael says:

    i still believe in the album concept brian, i’ve always uploaded WIP stuff since the very early days.

  2. michael says:

    i like the sarcasm :)