Birthdays & Comics

So today was my birthday.  I celebrated by assembling comics & going to the post office to ship a bunch out.  Anyway, I did somehow get 103 people to post “happy birthday” on my wall on Facebook & that felt pretty weird.  I don’t know.  You see, my birthday is the same as my mom’s & it being her birthday has more or less trumped mine since I was ten or so & then when I was 25 my nephew was born on my birthday which also kinda knocks my birthday down a peg, so I don’t really have this big deal thing like most other folks seem to have.  I guess I don’t even know what I’m missing.

I am about halfway done with getting the comics packaged up & shipped out for the Kickstarter.  After I finish that I’ll get to work on making another fan funding project.

I have some reviews I need to type up for N=D & FCIO.  Also I have a couple of entries I want to do for the blog to generate some fairly random traffic (just articles on life in general that I don’t know where else to post).  We’ll see what happens.

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One Response to Birthdays & Comics

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    yet 103 people aren’t willing to post a hey great album or whatnot…. FBook rules!