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I finished the mechanical bit of making the spinning portion of my comic display.  Which took a lot longer to do than anticipated because I don’t have a drill press & I couldn’t get some holes drilled as straightly & exactly as I needed to make the thing work.  I also assembled a bunch of mini-comics.

I got in the artwork for issue three of Marked from Jeremy Johnson today.  So it should be ready for the art show next week.

Hung out with Peter Aldrich today & he’s supposed to help me with a video for the Remora song from the Christmas comp later this week.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I open the center drawer of a desk & there’s a two inch buck knife, but the center inlay that is normally wood is made out of glow in the dark plastic.

My mother is acting weird.  In such away that I know it is someone else inside her in control pretending to be her & not quite pulling it off.  She’s possessed & when I summon the demons out of her they are about 50 of these tiny things that look like pieces of kids’ cereal some are shaped like marshmallow ghosts & others look like animal cracker monkeys.  What am I supposed to do with them now that they’re out?  Just leave them on the table & floor?

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