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So I’ve been thinking about offering a top banner ad on QRD that would be full branding & with the way I code it’s non-ad-blockable.  Usually around 12,000 visitors a month lately.  So do you think $50 would be a reasonable rate?

Did some more research on bloggers to contact for promo when the time comes.  I was also going through & adding the tags to more of the Silber blog’s old entries.  Both things are pretty tedious & not so fun.

Went through & got the track order done & such on the Remora remix EP.  Still need to make the digital booklet & press release & such.  It should be up in a day or two.

Rollerball has a special little 3 song/3 minute EP called The Beefer up from Voices Green and Purple.  I’ve been thinking about doing a similar EP series on Silber.  Maybe 5 songs in 5 minutes.  I guess I need to catch up on some other things first though.  In fact there’s a bunch of Rollerball stuff I’m supposed to be working on here that I haven’t had a chance to get around to as far as making digital versions of a lot of their out of print back catalog available & a brand new free download release.

Last Night’s Dream:
I wake up on a mattress on the floor with an alarm clock going off.  There’s a double bed next to me & some naked dude jumps up off of it & turns off the alarm clock & walks out of the bedroom.  There’s another dude on the bed & he has on some beat up yellow t-shirt & boxer shorts & he says to me, “Oh, you’re up.  Sam didn’t sleep here last night, so I figured you’d want to sleep on his bed.”  I realize that my head hurts & I must have blacked out & I feel dehydrated.  I don’t even remember drinking last night much less where I am or why I’m there.  I get up & wander around the house & realize it’s a musicians’ house with way to many people living in the house.  I find a bathroom & I look in the mirror & I have blood on my face & a swollen bruise on the top of my head like someone dropped me on my head on concrete.  What the hell happened last night?  & is my brain bleeding on the inside?

Michael Jackson’s sister (or maybe it’s his cousin or niece) that I’d never heard of before is at the Neverland Ranch shooting a video for her first single in the middle of the night on the roller coaster.  Michael comes out of the mansion in pajamas & slippers & tells her she’s making too much noise & keeping everyone up.  He pulls out a gun & shoots her in the head & walks back to bed with the video crew slackjawed.

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