Comics, Bass, & Dreams

Spent most of the day assembling comics for next weekend & then doing some work trying to improve my display thing to make it sturdier & so it can spin around (since it now has more than two sides of comics & I want to get all of them to fit on it).

Played bass for about an hour.  I need to get myself set back up so it is easy to properly record song ideas & start working on music as it really does seem to calm me down.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m cutting through pieces of pipe at a workbench with a hacksaw.  When I finish my work I look at the table & I’ve been shortening barrels to rifles & shotguns.

I’m in the ocean & the water is rough.  At low points the water is only up to my waist, but on waves it goes well over my head.  I see a dolphin swim next to me close enough that I could reach out & touch him.  His skin looks slick, but unlike the dolphins I’ve seen in aquariums he’s nearly completely covered in scars.

I’m working on math sequences.  Trying to give order to random numbers.  Some of the sets of numbers have multiple possible answers.

I hear a noise & go downstairs.  My grandmother’s room has been re-arranged as my mother did after my grandmother died, but my grandmother is alive & sitting on her bed.

I’m not wearing a shirt & someone asks me about the scars all over my back & chest & I say they are the typical results of being a sci-fi soldier.

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