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Moving the blog to my own site is creating some weird spam comments.  Things like, “Mind-boggling post, I don’t know why more people don’t agree with you,” & then a link to buy video cameras.  Weird.

Did some work on the comics today.  Wrote two more pieces for Glamourkisses (rough through third drafts) & so that should be enough stories for an issue.  I’ll get them off to Dave Sim in the post tomorrow hopefully.  I also got in artwork for Vigilant from PB Kain.  I’d forgotten all about that comic even existing.  It was inspired by the city in the UK where a group of teenagers with machetes started hacking off rapists arms & the city saw a 90% drop in crime in a week.

I’d been fighting off a cold the past couple of days & today it swooped down & got me.  I feel dizzy.  Probably I should be recording some music.

Finished up the questions for the QRD series for Christian musicians & sent them out to a dozen folks.  Let me know if you have people I should send it out to as that issue is going to be hard to make happen.

Got in a few more interviews for the label owner series for QRD (about 15 in & 20 more promised).  I need to get to work on proofing them if I’m going to get them up for the first of December.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I win Publisher’s Clearing House, but the money has no positive impact on my life at all; I still just take care of my grandmother.

I’m running & I can feel the bags under my eyes bouncing with each step.  How did my body ever get like this?

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