Finally Checking It Out, Google Adsense, Radio

Over on Finally Checking It Out I reviewed Heavy Metal 2000.  I definitely could’ve spent my time better than watching it.

I don’t even remember off hand if I still use Google Adsense on QRD or just on Nostalgia Equals Distortion & Finally Checking It Out (I have an ad blocker installed so the ads don’t show up for me on any of them), but I’m at $75 now & at my current ad earnings of about $0.50 a month I should reach their payment threshold of $100 in just 4 more years!  I really wonder how all these people who are allegedly blogging for a living make money.  Maybe money laundering or something.

I got an email from Justin Lanoue at CFUV (Victoria, BC) with some info on their music submissions for the year & I found the numbers interesting & I thought you might as well.
stats (approximate):
-5000+ total submissions this year.
-2338 CDs were added.
-820 digital submissions were added.
-60 LPs/7-inches were added.
-approximately 1800 were passes.
-2476 of the new releases added over the year got at least one spin.

I ordered the stuff to build 37 more puzzle boxes.  Now I need to book some shows to sell them at.

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