Bass Series & Dreams

Got an order out for a distro today.  I should get $75 in the distant future….

Got out a bunch of emails to music supervisors about the recent releases.

Sent out some follow-up emails about the recent releases to reviewers who said they were going to review them that I haven’t seen the reviews of yet.

Sent out questions to bassists for the QRD interview series.  We’ll see if it works out as my list of bass players to contact is a lot shorter than my list of guitarists.  Sent out messages to about 20 bassists.  So let me know if you know anyone that I should get to take part in the series.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m walking down a rural street in a poor neighborhood (reminiscent of the opening scene of First Blood) & this black woman in her early twenties wants to know if I can “loan” her some cottage cheese.  Strangely I know I have some extra cottage cheese because the last time I bought some, it was buy one get one free.  When I tell her I actually do have some cottage cheese she seems really disappointed like she wishes she’d asked for  something else.

I’m building a lo-fi looper from a toy sampler.  I have the circuit board bare & I’m testing it & it starts to smoke & the audio it is sending out is ending up making anything coming in sound like an 8-bit keyboard.  If I can get it to stop smoking, this might be how I make my millions.

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