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Ebooks & Comics & Plumerai

So I guess you all probably already know that the majority of my past few weeks have been working on the QRD ebook.  I ran into tons of problems getting the epub format to work in the way I wanted …

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Buttons & Ebooks

So I did an interview about Kickstarter & my current button project on there today for a podcast that will go live in a week or two.  It’s nice to be noticed & recognized.

I worked up the rigs for …

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Mead & Dreams

Making up a test batch of mead to see if my yeast is dead or not as I had some problems getting the last batches to ferment.  I only have enough honey to make two other batches, so I need …

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  1. hi brian says:

    juxtapost the touring dreams with stories of your touring reality.

  2. hi brian says: