Silbering in Silberia

Did some research & found thirty new blogs to service.  Started with the realization I should push Sarah June on the americana crowd a little & then I was fooling around for several hours finding good & bad blogs.

Got the rest of the promo emails out.  Getting some positive feedback.

Sent out some emails to promo the Vlor video.  Only found about a dozen folks that might be interested in it.  We’ll see what happens.

Got everything set-up for starting the MySpace campaign for Sarah June & Carta tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the official street date for Carta & the Aarktica remix disc.  So your local shops should be able to get them now (on special order presumably).

YouTube seems to only count the views of the Vlor video when people watch it on YouTube rather than when it’s embedded.  That’s interesting.  I guess because at a certain threshold they theoretically start paying content providers & they want to only do that if people are on their site?

Anybody got some free internet time  & rudimentary Excel skills & want to help me with updating some contact stuff for Silber?

Ready for sleep, been working on Silber junk 18 hours straight now….

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