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Got in my entry for the “Locally Produced Digital Music Showcase” at WXYC today.  I’m not even sure what it means, but I was told I should enter for it, so I did.

Did some research for places to promote the Vlor video.  A lot harder than it probably should be for me to find them.  Running into a lot of websites that haven’t been updated for 5 years (who pays to have their dead site up that long?).  So if anyone knows places I should contact to promote the Vlor video, please let me know.

Did some research on Austrian radio stations to service.  I’m not even sure why.

I’ve been geeking out over that Alexa webstats site a bit lately.  Silber’s website somehow jumped 100,000 points in the past two weeks.  My hope was to break under a million for positioning.  I think I can actually get it to happen once I get QRD kicked back in gear & start running the new release promos.  Of course all it really means is more bandwidth used, but I need something to geek out about.

Still working on getting all the promos out.  Writing personal notes to the 200 folks who get physical promos can take a long time.  Got all the Aarktica ones out.  Still 100 or so left for Carta & Sarah June, but I should get all of the internationals done tomorrow.

I’m debating whether I should do a tour in April or just take that same time & dedicate it to working on recording.  It seems like working on recording might be time better spent (& less money spent).  What do you guys think?

Got some more panels to proof for the new comic “Epic.”  It’s interesting to see how people work on my comic scripts because I work giving them very little direction.  In Worms Kim Traub decided the first person narrator was a girl (I wrote it assuming it was a male, this is part of why it took a while for the second issue).  In Marked the guy has on a superhero suit instead of normal clothes.  In Epic the guy I thought of as a singer-songwriter was first the singer of a heavy metal band (which I vetoed as cliche) & now fronts an emo band.  That’s what is good about collaboration & why I don’t write tight scripts.  It allows stranger & more interesting stories than I expected to come out.

Got a bunch of stuff for finishing off the SPACE anthology, but I’m low on time at the moment.  Soon things’ll be ready.

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