Out for Manufacturing

A lot done in the past couple days.

Aarktica: In Sea & Vlor: Six-Winged both went for manufacturing today.  Which means I am done mastering the Vlor record & I laid out the artwork.  The release date for both is October 27.

Ran the test batch for Just A Man #2.  They seem fine.

Wrote the third drafts for Just A Man #3 & Lost Kisses #11.

Finally got started on writing the Moodring press kit.  It’s hard.  I’ve had two or three people listen to it & the general review is, “This is good, but I’m not sure how to describe it.”  So I’m not the only one with a problem.

Finished the re-sizing of images from Just A Man #1 to have it made into a video.  Also recorded a Remora guitar track for the soundtrack.  Minimal, loopy, & uses a tremelo bar (which is something I do not do).

Got in the stuff for doing the Aarktica remix.  I realized I also owe Hotel Hotel a remix, hoping to get them both done this weekend.

Between recording the Remora song & getting the remixes done, I’m getting my “studio” space a little in order, so hopefully I’ll start to work on some of the ton of recordings I have laying around as well as starting to make some new ones.

I’m wanting to try to move this blog onto Silber properly.  Anyone know how to put in an RSS feed?  The site is just HTML, no XML or CSS or Java.  Let me know if you know how to do this.  I know a lot of people do the thing where there blog is hosted elsewhere & kind of embedded in their site, but I kinda want the total control that goes with me hosting it.

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