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Spent a lot of time trying to find some review outlets for the Lost Kisses DVD & it’s looking harder than I anticipated.  I suppose what I should do is go to a store & look at where all the blurbs are from on the back of the Adult Swim stuff.  Maybe that’ll give me some leads & then I can build the promo list from their links.

I wrote the first draft of the press release for Remora’s Derivative.  Just running six months late on that one.

I also wrote the first draft of the next issue of Worms.  I like it a lot.  I feel it’s my strongest comic no matter what any of the reviewers say.  I think it could have a great translation into some stop motion animation thing one day.  & then I could retire & write full time….

A lot of reviews have been coming in on the comics lately.  I’ve been posting the links up on Facebook, but I should start posting in the text here as well I suppose.

Did a re-mixing & re-mastering of a couple Vlor tracks.  One day I’ll be done with it.

I got in the art for the Aarktica disc.  We actually seem to be ahead of the curve on that one for the release date.

Mastered another song for Sarah June’s new disc.  I think we’re narrowing in on the songs being recorded & selecting track order so it’ll be ready to go to manufacturing.

I gotta get back to work or sleep, sometimes it’s hard to differentiate the two.

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