Remora, Contracts, Remixes, Puzzle Boxes, Etc….

So I got all my paperwork filled out & turned in for the release on Fluttery.  I’m always weird about if contracts should be in writing or not.  I think there’ve only been two or three written contracts in Silber history because I feel like either someone is going to do what they say or they’re not & if I’m not willing to sue them then there’s no point in a contract.  But I guess there were parts of the contract with Fluttery that I should implement as a form bands fill out when they get a release to me so I don’t have to ask for the stuff each time.  Basic info to build a press release, key tracks for radio play, RIYL bands, promotional photos, cover art, etc.  Seems obvious I might need that stuff, but sometimes releases get delayed pretty long because of not getting certain things.

I’m thinking about doing a remix kit thing for one of the songs on the new Remora record again.  Probably not as big of a production as I made about it for My Brothers Guns & Knives, but just something to generate a little extra interest in things.

Got some more mixing done for the father & son album from me & Andrew.  Adjusted vocals in one track & a fade in another.  I think it’s done except the artwork & press release, which as stated above can take a while.

I made the promo blurb stickers for the Northern Valentine.  I still need to write the tear sheet for distros, but that release is getting fairly ready to go.

I was trying to make some more puzzle boxes out of these multi-colored foam blocks I found at the dollar store.  I don’t know what they are made of, but neither wood glue or crazy glue will hold them together.  So now I might have a few too many foam blocks.  I’ll need to find something to do with them at some point.

So I got an Android smartphone (mainly because it was super cheap).  I haven’t switched to it yet, my experiences fiddling with it initially are similar to when I’ve used friends’ smartphones & didn’t like how hard it was to manipulate & I thought the internet was generally unusable with the screen size (especially the Silber site).  Anyway, curious if there’s any free music apps I should definitely add & if I really need to add an antivirus.  All I really want to be able to do on it is some text editing & maybe record some song ideas in file formats where I can pull the card out of the phone & then work on them in my computer as well.

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4 Responses to Remora, Contracts, Remixes, Puzzle Boxes, Etc….

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    shouldn’t you as the label be coming up with the RIYL artists. most bands have no idea what they really sound like.

    also ha at the android…welcome to 4 years ago! James got one too but as far as i can tell he only texts/email/calls. seems like a waste of the money spent on it, especially for the monthly costs.

    • Well, what happens when I do the RIYL is the band eventually gets pissed off because of the comparisons to whatever band it is they don’t like. Plus I like to think that a band knows more about the genre they are in than I do.

      The android I got was $25 with a two gig card in it & the service I use no longer offers a no-data plan. I was surprised it lets me get online via wi-fi before activating it. I was totally unimpressed by the fact that it had me link up to my google account to download apps & then automatically imported my whole address book into an unusable mess. I don’t see any possibility of me being able to use the thing for 90% of what I need a computer for, but maybe it will work for typing in short stories while riding in a van.

      • GoddakkAttack says:

        can’t comment on specifically the android but technically if your hands and eyes can handle it you’d be able to do most of what you do at home on it, although probably the annoyance frustration levels at maximum.

        • A lot of the work for running the business side of stuff is data entry things in Excel on worksheets that are 50 columns & about 1500 rows. So working on that using a display showing 3 columns & 5 rows sounds like a pain in the ass. I can only imagine trying to mix/master music or trying to design artwork on one of these things.
          I do think people using them as their dominant email platform explains why no one writes lengthy emails anymore as they are a pain to write on (compared to a normal keyboard) & to me not particularly pleasing even to try to read. & then they generally suck as a phone as well & can’t hold a charge for over a day? Worth $25 to me I guess, but I might not switch to it as my main phone until the current one goes dead.