Aww Man….

So I’ve been having a couple pretty good weeks.  Asked to do a couple interviews, some of the releases getting reviewed & airplay, starting to record again, a few new comic collaborations set up, positive feedback on my writing, a couple of orders coming in, some friends getting excited about doing material for the Silber relaunch (tentatively next month).  Just really good stuff happening in general.  But then the past 24 hours have come & gummed up the works & thrown off my plans for the next couple of days (at least).

First off, my good friend Shaun Sandor announced he is ending his record label Blondena.  I totally understand it & I’m glad to have been involved with his label (on a couple of comps, plus of course the Small Life Form: Satsop release).  But it still makes me a little bit sad every time a friend ends their label.  I try to keep in mind hard work is its own reward as far as my own continuing.

I tried to do my first icing process to increase the alcohol content of this nasty stuff I made from fermenting corn syrup.  But I accidentally left it in the freezer for two days instead of two hours so it all froze.  I guess I should try that again at some point in the distant future.

Then I found out that Yahoo plug-in I use to stream MP3s throughout my website is discontinued.  Which sucks.  I found a replacement that kind of halfway works for on the blog (it plays individual MP3s, but won’t go through everything on a page as a playlist – which doesn’t matter most of the time on the blog).  But I’ve spent about 6 hours now trying to get something that will work on the main site.  Most things don’t work for streaming multiple songs in a row.  Most things won’t work across multiple devices (read as tablets & phones) which really really sucks.  I think if I’d been aware of this happening a month ago when I was really down about the label I would’ve just abandoned the label forever.  As it is, I’m hopefully just frustrated for a couple of days & someone will find the answer I need to fix everything (because who knows how many thousands of other websites are having the same issue).  We’ll see what happens.

On the positive side, I did find out about something when researching for a new player that I might add to QRD pages in the near future.  There are now little plug-ins that you can add to a page to get a computer voice to read the page to you.  So that way people could listen to QRD interviews when they are working on other stuff.

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