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So the new QRD is up.  It’s an Easter special.  Interviews with Christian artists about balancing their faith & art.  It’s been fairly well received, which I feared it might not be.

Speaking of QRD, I’m looking for suggestions of people to contact (meaning you have their contact info) for the next installment of the musician dad series.

Also speaking of QRD, I’ve been thinking about that I should do something to make it a more pleasing reading experience.  Any suggestions.

I sold the Alesis amp today for $20 more than I paid for it.  The other amp I ordered is supposedly going to get here tomorrow, so we’ll see if my amp quest is complete or a never ending journey.

I wrote a song for Jason Dube’s comic book Caffeine soundtrack today.  Hopefully I’ll get it recorded soon.  I was asked to do it over a month ago & I think he actually first asked maybe six months ago.  Ooops.

Doing some work to get the promo ready for the mini-comics.  I’m slower than I’d like to be at everything these days.

People keep asking me about the tornadoes that were here where I live.  To my knowledge I don’t know anyone significantly effected.  One did touch down about five miles from my house & there was a piece of an aluminum roof from somewhere that was stuck in a tree in the yard & fell down the next day.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m on tour & staying at a hotel.  I wake up because I’m having trouble breathing.  I get up & look in the mirror & my nose is swollen & purple & obviously broken.  How did I not notice that happening?

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