Almost Caught Up

So I’m watching the Hemo (the movie with Vlor, Remora, etc in the soundtrack) preview I got as I’m typing this.  Ummm, when certain scenes actually make you feel nauseated in a low-fi horror movie is it a good thing?  Definitely not a film for the whole family.  It does give me some ideas for what I should be doing for “music beds” to get more pieces sold for film placement.

I typed up a draft of XO #7 & sent it to Melissa to see what needs changing before I do the layout.

I typed up the questions for the QRD guitarist series & actually got a couple interviews back already.  I guess I need to start sending them out as no one seems to have said there were questions/topics it didn’t touch on.

I recorded my piece for this “1 second songs” compilation.  I cheated a little.  I had a riff that was 0.8 seconds & I did it twice & squashed it down to a second on the computer.

Going to encode some more records & set them up for the digital shop.  I feel like I’ll have some free time to work on the music side of my “music career” soon & that’s a little exciting.  I might even be able to practice before my show on Wednesday….

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