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Okay, I got everything up in the digital shop.  If you go to you can download everything for $5 or less.  I put links up in all the band pages.  I still have to re-do the alphabetical catalog & the special sales page, but I feel like a lot is done.  I’ll be launching an email newsletter about it in a few days.  The hope is 1% of the couple thousand of email contacts will spend $5.  We’ll see what happens.

Been talking with Tara Vanflower a bit about the state of the music industry.  I try to stay upbeat & honest & it’s hard to be both things.  As a lot of you know Lycia is very important to me.  Part of why I started Silber was because of reading an interview around 1993 & finding out Mike didn’t make a living off of his music & I thought I could be the one to change that (in high school you have the ability to change the world arbitrarily).  I’ve been really lucky all along that they’ve been so generous with me getting to do so many interviews for QRD, touring with them, getting to put out some of their music; but the significant money’s been elusive.  Anyway, they’re working on getting their new album out themselves & running into some of the typical unanticipated headaches that come with that territory.  It’s called Fifth Sun & is towards the more post punk rooted sounds they had on Empty Space & Wake.

Been trying to get myself back in shape lately as I’ve let myself get really soft over the past two years since leaving my physical labor job.  I tried to do my 60 pound dumb bell (ridiculous for a dumb bell, but what I was using two years ago) & at two curls my entire body started to sweat.

Tested out some things for the Small Life Form show Wednesday.  I keep having problems remembering to turn the one knob on for my one looping pedal.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a SLF show.  Was there even one in 2010?  I need to start booking some shows or get a booking agent.  Or both.

I want to make some copies of the mini-comic samplers to give out at the show.  Not sure that it’s going to happen due to time constraints.  If anyone coming to the show (Marsh Woodwinds in Raleigh, for some reason MySpace’s calendar feature is acting nutty so it isn’t listed) wants me to bring anything in particular to purchase, let me know.

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