The Future & QRD

I got done the last few releases I have any semblance of the digital artwork for currently for encoding for the digital shop.  So I need to write some of the artists & see if they might have the files & if not just use the scanner for them.  I’m planning to upload versions without cover art of some of them just so I can go ahead & get the whole catalog available & then fix them as time goes by.   That way I can start doing promo about the digital shop existing.

Started another wave of MySpace promo today.  It’ll take about two weeks to complete.  Then I’ll start a wave based on some of the upcoming digital only releases which should be ready around that time.

I looked over some of my paperwork today & noticed my annual sales have actually been more or less flat for the past 4 years.  It’s interesting that since I have spent the last two years working even harder to push things that sales have simply remained steady.  I’m not sure if that’s success in this industry or not.

Doing paperwork also makes me remember I need to find out whether the state I live in classifies digital downloads as a selling a product or providing a service.  I imagine since renting a movie counts as a good instead of a service, so does a digital download.

I hit 50 questions for the upcoming QRD guitarist interview series.  I still need to type them up & work out an order that makes sense & get a few people’s opinions on what to cut or add.

I was talking to my friend Marlene about questions to ask & we came up with “if you play your guitar hanging high on your chest, does that mean you have a small dick or are obsessed with boobs?”  Yeah, it might not make the final cut of questions.

I am planning on having some ongoing segments for the QRD re-launch with contributions from readers/friends/fans.  So if you are interested in taking part, please give me a shout.

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