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Printed out the first batch of XO #6.

Wrote second & third drafts of the pieces for the sampler comic for XO, Worms, Marked, & Just A Man & sent them to the artists.  Don’t know what the time frame will be for getting them done.  I guess I need to do one for Lost Kisses & maybe a really bizarre one for Ultimate Lost Kisses.

My dad scored me a couple shelving units for the Silber warehouse (aka: the basement) for free.  I need to figure out a way to sell some more units as it’s gotten a bit out of control.  But it looks better now than it has in six months.

Talked to Shane Sauers (North Pole Records) today.  We’ve been doing a lot of consulting each other about music the business lately if you haven’t noticed.  Anyway, he’s been working a lot with going direct to stores in his region & bypassing distribution altogether.  I really do need to start doing more with partnering with stores.  We were also talking about advertising.  So I think I’m going to try to run a few ads soon with some of our traditional supporters (Brainwashed, Delusions of Adequacy, Silent Ballet) & maybe even a print mag or two.  He had an interesting story about a woman who sold her car & dedicates the money she used to spend every year on her car (including insurance & all that jazz) on supporting her local arts community.  Which ends up meaning she puts in $300 a month to local art.  Which means occasionally buying ten CDs to give to friends.  It’s an interesting idea.  I wish I knew more people who did it in my community.

Started sending out the promo messages for the Sarah June/Carta/Retribution Gospel Choir show in a couple weeks.  It’s targeted enough that all the messages will be out tomorrow.

I heard back from Sarah June about the MySpace promotion I ran for her & she said she nearly doubled her MySpace friends, so I feel like it probably is worth it from a raising of visibility perspective.  Because what is their to generate sales anyway?  Just hoping the slow growth of fans will be the way to go.

Did some research for more bloggers/reviewers to service.  It seems limitless the amount of people writing about cool music sometimes.  I wonder though how many readers they have.

Did some research & made some contacts about hiring someone out to promote the Vlor video.  I got accepted to this weird free music video promotion service that said it was in cue to be promoted in four months.  Wow.  That’s a long time from now.  I was inspired to do this because Shane told me a band on his label basically paid $1200 to get a video played three times on Fuse.  Which obviously is more than I’d like to pay, but I’m interested in seeing how much it costs.  If they have a low budget thing for $200 I might do it.  But I think it’s a good idea to have an idea about it.  I also probably should write up a press release about the video to put on the service that I have that aggregates my press releases to random places.

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