An effective day.

Still trying to get all the promos out for Vlor & Aarktica.  About 50 radio ones to go & then about five or six to new press contacts.

Did another wave of follow-up on the Moodring & Lost Kisses today.  I’m getting a little more down than usual about the lack of link between sales & reviews/radio play.  These are the first batch of releases with Silber as my main source of income & it makes money aspects a lot more serious & scary than when I was having things as only 10% of what was coming into the household.  I guess every other small businessman is in the same boats these days.

The Small Life Form show went fine last night.  There were definite problems based on me not having practiced, but I guess that’s why you do shows before a tour starts.

I potentially found an artist for the Mecha comic (associated with Remora).  We’ll see over the next month if the issue comes to fruition.

I also found a company that does digital distribution of comics for cell phones & such.  I’m pretty excited about the idea as I’ve felt that is my market for quite a while, but I don’t know how to make the conversion for phones.

Did some more research on expanding the Silber contacts in the blogging community.  I suppose I do this every day.

Still a little behind on my email & various paperworks from taking a few days away from the computer & focusing on work on the promos.  But things should be back to “normal” soon.

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