Joseph & Remora

So last night I went out to see my half-brother Joseph Hausman play a show & my buddy Pete went with me.  Joseph is 23 & Pete said he wasn’t sure how he felt about him because he was too much like us a dozen years ago.  Which is one of the things I like about Joseph & that also drives me crazy is how much he reminds me of a young me in negative ways, but it gives me hope that on his own he’ll turn out alright & maybe I can give him some inspiration to end up in a better spot than me.  What are big brothers for?  Any way his music was Ministry style beats with him doing death metal screams on top & what made it good was seven songs in twelve minutes including telling jokes between songs.

I had two band practice things fall through today, but I did manage to force myself to play guitar some & write a Remora song for a compilation that I will hopefully have recorded tomorrow.  Did a demo of it on acoustic guitar, but I think for the final recording I’m going to go mecha style.  I’m really feeling a pull in a bunch of different directions for upcoming Remora stuff.  I want to do some really droney stuff & some poppy stuff & some americana stuff & some mechanical stuff.  I suppose ideally I will find a way to do all of these things simultaneously, I feel like I kinda pulled that off on Scars Bring Hope.  Speaking of which, the new record got a pretty good review on Heathen Harvest.

There’s a new review up of The Cure’s Faith on Nostalgia Equals Distortion & a new review of the first Bangles EP on Finally Checking It Out.  So it is looking like those blogs are coming back in vogue.  If you are interested in contributing, give me a shout.

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