4.5 crash, Goddakk, QRD, mini-comics

So I was working on the 4.5 hour drone recording today & my music computer crashed 3.5 hours in.  This is the first time my music computer has crashed in 7 years.  I know I’m asking it to do somethings it wasn’t meant to do working with this size of files.  I need to figure out how to continue working on the piece.  Or maybe I need to decide that it’s finished.

Started working on a piece where I’m supposed to guest on the next Goddakk record.  I have a hard time working on other people’s loopy/drone music for how much I expect them to work on mine.  We’ll see how long it takes me to get it done.

I started using Penciljack to look for some artists for mini-comic collaborations as I’ve pretty much decided Comicspace is no longer of value.  I used to check Comicspace every couple of days.  I just checked it for the first time in six weeks & I still don’t understand how to do anything I’d want to on it.  It’s a shame as near as I can tell there is no equivalent comics community to what it was.   If anybody knows any other creator driven comics site, let me know.  Anyway, looks like I might have a new collaborator.  Really need to get the comics written for everyone to draw….

Worked on editing some of the interviews for the next QRD.  It looks like I might actually get a back up of issues & QRD may come out more than once a month for a short time.  If anyone has nominations for more guitarists to interviews or people to interview for couples bands, please let me know.

Got a message from Kurt Dinse that the comic he’s working on for me is almost done.  Pretty excited.  It’s about a rockabilly musician haunted by literal demons.

As a lot of you know I pay too much attention to my webstats.  Anyway, since moving my blog from MySpace to onsite, my web numbers seemed to have climbed back up from the three million nadir to the two million believable (I thing when I broke a million, that was a fluke, but I thought it was normal because it was when I first started looking at those stats).

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