Goddakk, QRD Proofing, Art Preparation

So I got the rest of the work done on the collaboration for Goddakk & got it off to Martin (I added 15 parts to it  or something stupid like that & on his first listen he said he could only hear the drums).  I really need to get myself back into working on my music more.  I miss working on actual music instead of just trying to poor enough blood on the Silber machine to keep it running.  I think there should be a Silber ad for television that shows an old rusty machine with blood being poured on it & then it turns into a giant robot that destroys aliens.

I got a few more of the interviews proofed for QRD.  Still have twelve more to proof & then the layout & then the issue will be ready for everyone.

I got a couple orders out today.  It’s always nice to actually have people wanting the music enough to pay for it.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to set-up my paintings for the gallery opening on Friday.  I still haven’t figured out how much my paintings should cost.  I think $10?  But maybe only $5?  & I need to sign them & think about taking proper photos & all that as well.

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