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So I finally started working on the music news feed Twitter account.  Pretty soon it will be ridiculous with 1000 posts a day.  Taking longer than I anticipated getting all the feeds into it, but once it’s done it’s done.

I also made the Silber Blogoverse page that lists the news about the hundreds of music & comic review sites I follow.  Hopefully some of you folks will find it useful as well.

I put the newsletters from the last two years on the Silber News page & changed the layout a bit.  I’m not sure if I should change the Twitter feed to the right side instead of the left.  Let me know your opinion.

When I was at my brother’s he was talking to me about my website & he wanted to know how much money I made from the volume of web traffic I got & who paid me for it.  The website of course is something I pay for rather than get paid for & I wonder if plenty of people assume since they shell out their money to have the internet that eventually that money goes to content creators.  Of course if they instituted a tax for that, would I get any money at all or would all the money simply go to Facebook & Google?  Maybe if the tax was structured so it had a cap of only paying out $50,000 per website or something with everyone paying in $1 a month to their ISP & I’d end up making back the $12 in taxes I’d pay.

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on tour & a girl I’ve been friends with for half my life comes to the hotel with me after the show.  I go into use the bathroom & when I come back out she’s lying naked on the bed.  I say to her, “What the fuck?  You’re married & I think of you like a sister!”

I come back “home” from tour realizing I don’t have a place to sleep at night besides my car nor even a place to park my car.  A friend of mine tells me he has a spare apartment I can use for a while.  WTF?  A spare apartment?  I wonder if he’s breaking up with his wife or is having an affair.

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