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Okay, so Silber 15 went fairly smoothly.  The live stream didn’t work for reasons I can’t understand.  That’s what I get for trying to run modern website stuff instead of sticking with 1999 like I normally do.  There are some video & audio recordings from the event & I plan to get them up over the next few weeks.  Here’s a first one (audio quality is lacking) that PD Wilder shot with his phone.

I’m trying to get my tax paperwork underway.  That’s my big hope to finish for the week.  But I ran into a problem that a PDF of a 1099 from my one bank gives me a corrupted file message.  I guess I should have checked that back in January when they sent it.

In the “holy crap my life is bleak” department I got home from the show Sunday morning & ended up winding down to sleep around 5am.  At 7:15 I’m woken by a knocking on my door because my grandmother has had a stroke during the night & fell out of the bed & is on the floor shivering & non-responsive.  I pick her up & get her in the bathroom to get cleaned up & then bundle her in covers trying to keep her warm & hold her physically still for a few hours while she’s occasionally hyper-ventilating in a residual panic attack from the event.  After a few hours she seems to have stopped shivering & can respond to questions by shaking her head (though not with words) & I am able to get some juice in her.  Everyone in the house (including Jon from Aarktica) seems a bit shaken up by it & I’m just walking around saying, “It’s no big deal, death is a part of life.”  Which I feel is an attitude that gets me in trouble on occasion when people nearly die in various ways & I think it’s no big deal.  But as some of you folks may know, I have had quite a few totally crazy health experiences the past couple of years & I have the same attitude about myself.  As soon as my grandmother passes I’m ready to get a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) because when my time has come I’m okay with it & I feel that’s the way more people should be.

So the whole thing above gave me two new comic ideas.  One is about a time traveling child assassin who kills kids that would otherwise be detrimental to the continuation of the human race & he’s running into a problem in the early 21st century because people are so obsessed with keeping their children alive that it’s hard to kill them in a gentle subtle way like he has through the majority of time.  The other idea is about a guy who runs a business selling single doses of infectious diseases to give to enemies/ex-lovers/co-workers/whatever.   Both are meant to be comedies in the same way XO is meant to be a comedy.  What do you think?

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    Both great ideas. MAKE THEM BOTH!!!