Azalia Snail, Remora, 15, Mead, Thorn1

I got a little more work done trying to touch up an image for the Azalia Snail cover (it was a super tiny image (300 pixels) that I needed to blow up to a proper size to use with printing & then get rid of the noise in it & sharpen it a bit, a headache to say the least).

Made a setlist for Remora for Saturday.  I’m going to try to cram 8 songs in my 30 minutes along with five guest performers.  I might end up needing to cut a song or two.  Three of the songs I’ve never played live before & I haven’t practiced with any of the guest musicians, so the possibility of screwing up is endless.

I also got the name tags printed out for Silber 15 & some special sale price order forms for attendees (that way I don’t need to take stuff to sell).  Updated to get the webstreams going on the page (now it has the ability to have 4 cameras running simultaneously), but running into some technical difficulties with getting phones to work on Ustream.  But hopefully they’ll get straightened out tomorrow.  Also I got a nice right up about the show in the weekly here.

I got all of the mead bottled up.  I just am labeling the caps for now instead of making labels for the bottles.  That way people can see what they’re getting from the top of the cooler at least.

Got in a video from Thorn1 for putting up at the Silber show.  Of course I need to make a DVD of it, which always takes longer than anticipated.  It’s a pretty ridiculous video, but fun.

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