Amp Death, One Second Comp, Deadpool, Dream

I think I’m starting to feel like I’m in a swing where I might accomplish things.

So I had a gig last night using my Small Life Form rig & my silver amp died. Took it apart & plugged it in & watched the smoke come out of it. Then the power light went out on it. I think that if I look at the price of the amp (about $200 back in 2000) I definitely got my money’s worth as it’s probably been used at around 200 shows over that time.  So I ordered a potential replacement amp I found on Ebay for $130.  It’s another Roland.  I’m thinking about eventually getting a bass amp as well at this point.

My buddy Pete sent me a link to this article by the Dilbert guy about what people should be doing in college if they want to be successful.  I think it’s worth the five minutes to read it.

Finally got the Azalia Snail off for manufacturing.  Need to knock out the press release & all that.

I got a draft of my Deadpool fan comic thing over to Nick Marino.  I think it comes across as good & fun.  I realize I’ve let myself get pretty far behind on certain elements of my comics as far as writing & promoting lately.  One day I’ll get things going again.

Almost done with my taxes & then I need to get on the ball with my first quarter paperwork (musician royalties, sales taxes, distro invoices, etc.).

Me & a bunch of random friends & strangers appeared on this comp of one second long songs.  I think this format on YouTube is the most intriguing & interesting version of a release of it.

Last Night’s Dream:
Driving a borrowed car (possibly a Trooper?) in the snow & I spin out & break off the driver’s sideview mirror on a mailbox.

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