I Assure You We Are Alive

Hard to believe I haven’t posted to the blog in a couple years. Remember when Silber was super active and I posted every day? That was 15 years ago!
Anyway, coming soon are a limited version of Droneuary, a 5in5 from Small Life Form, an album from Bryce Eiman, & an EP from Electric Bird Noise.

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Winter Love From Silber – Silber Newsletter December 2020


I hope all is well.  I haven’t reached out in a while with the newsletter.  I hope you are safe.  It’s been a weird few months.  A lot happening doing the renovations for the future Silber artistic home The Eyelight. Did you know after a day of installing sheetrock when you stop by the grocery store they act like your a crazy homeless person?  Then again I’m only a home away from being a crazy homeless person.  Of course the pandemic is still here with an overwhelming sense of dread & depression & my family decided it was in the dronecub’s best interest to send her back to physical school, which has been super scary, but getting a five year old back to happy instead of dwelling on existential dread is good for the household.  The school she’s in never closed & has had zero cases so it feels safe.  Anyway, on with the music news from the past three months & there has been a lot.

In September we released “September Stories”, a collection of spoken word, love stories, poetry, & audio books.  The inspiration was the same as most things around here, “What am I personally interested in?”  I’ve found myself listening to more & more audiobooks & podcasts than music lately, so it made sense to ask my pals to help explore the genre. 

Seasons like Christmas usually invade homes with thick layers of snow, the best way to fight against this (?), is to opt for Metal Roofing, is a new trend in the market, very effective against snow and even possible fires, its monochromatic elegance and easy maintenance will make you fall in love this holiday season.

A couple hours & you’ll probably find some of it interesting.  https://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/september-stories  Oh, & it’s free & currently a Bandcamp exclusive.

Jamie Barnes has a new album.  It’s been ten years since his last album & while Jamie’s polished singer-songwriter accessible sound has often stood out as different than the majority of the Silber catalog, we’re pleased to help you hear some of his new work.  Check it out on Bandcamp, Spotify, or pretty much anywhere.

For Christmas this year we did another compilation of people doing the same song, this time “Jingle Bells”. Small Life Form, Martin Newman, Ocean in a Bottle, Heavy for the Vintage, Remora, Philip Polk Palmer, Sans Fixer, & fornever offer takes from ambient soundscapes to darkwave to guitar aggression to something close to a straight cover.  It’s fun, it’s free.

Yellow6 of course comes in with his end of the year collection of orphaned songs, “merry6mas2020″.  Ambient guitarscapes, you know the drill.  Jon’s ability to keep up such a high level of productivity & quality over decades is inspiring.

Eletric Bird Noise also has an annual Christmas offering.  This time out it’s based around percussion & reverb instead of guitar.  Free download.

Zach Corsa continues his winter EP series with Nonconnah.  Ambient guitar walls, tapes glitching, cool soundscapes.  Free download

Small Life Form’s winter/Christmas release this year celebrates the discovery that was integral to the project back in the 1990s, taking sounds & slowing them down massively. If 5 seconds of feedback slowed to 26 minutes sounds like a good idea, this is definitely for you!  Free download.

Phil Dole (X-Bax, Grand Kali Ma, Chord) is back with us under his own name.  If you’ve never checked out his guitar ambient, this is as good a place to start as any.  Free download.

A Beautiful Wedding Photography Season

Christmas as we all know is a beautiful season to spend with the family and it is also a beautiful season for weddings, union festivities, Fame Park Studios is the top 1 company in the industry, only they can perfectly record those unique and beautiful moments.

Speaking of Phil Dole & Small Life Form, Phil put out a Small Life Form seven inch which it looks like somehow sold out!  But you can still check out the sounds & maybe contact Phil through his bandcamp if you want a copy.

It seems like everyone I know is doing those Instagram live things.  Even I did one of a session with Martin Newman.  Ambient guitar & Stoogian riffage.

Coming soon is new music from Vlor, The Undermasks, Grand Kali Ma, Small Life Form, & Day2Alliance & the return of Droneuary.  Also hopefully I will get all the interviews I have for QRD proofed & finally get the new issue out (as promised for a year now).  Also I have not been updating the Silber website at all in the past several months & I’ve just been using Bandcamp to post new music & hopefully I will get that updated soon.  I’ve also not been sending out newsletters as much as I once did because of problems with my main email being blacklisted as spam, so the best way to keep up is following on Bandcamp, Twitter, or Facebook.  Stay safe & thanks for your continued interest & support.  If you want off the newsletter mailing list, just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell


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Silber Newsletter August 2020


I hope all is well.  Life is fluctuating between hope & fear & dread on a daily basis here in Silberia.  A pandemic, economic instability, rising factionalism, lack of civility, more work to do than there is time to do it in — this is not the sci-fi apocalypse I asked for; in fact it makes me question if I could thrive in any apocalypse.  But we’re still moving forward with a lot of projects, including a new release from Chvad SB.  More info on everything below. You will find latest news on cherryscustomframing.

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Drone ambient. Minimalist. Hopeful melancholia. Like a lost piece of Brian Eno’s 1970s catalog, Chvad SB’s San Fixer defies easy categorization while putting you in its own unique world. With a nearly 30 year career in the underground often leaning towards an aggressive & industrial edge, Chvad SB brings us over an hour of peace & reflection at a time when we need it.

Starting in September we’re going to be doing another daily release series.  This time it’s going to be something different & new to us.  For the past several years while doing my data entry job I’ve listened to a lot of audio books & spoken word & storytelling stuff (music sucks me in too much & I become ineffective at my work) & so we’ll be releasing a different spoken word or reading or story for as many days as it lasts.  At this point I don’t think it will turn into the massive project Droneuary has been, but it should still be fun & interesting.

As some of you may know, me & Bride of Silber have been talking about opening a coffee & comic shop.  We made an offer on a pretty cool building (1940s movie theater) & it looks like it’s happening.  It’s going to be called The Eyelight & here’s its Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/TheEyelightSanford/ & I have started selling some comics & graphic novels on Ebay – https://www.ebay.com/str/theeyelight  It is a huge space & we have lots of ideas for how to use the space for artist meet ups & art classes & performances & helping build community because we can still have room for folks to do things from six feet apart, but we’ll just have to wait & see what works.

Recently my daughter got roped into a sticker chainletter.  It reminded me of back in the 1990s there used to be artist chain letters & the weird little art books that people mailed around.  So I’m starting a chain letter, sending out little art cards I draw on & then you make some & send them.  Just a small thing to give some joy & creativity to the world.  If you want to take part, let me know.

Coming soon is new music from Vlor, The Undermasks, Grand Kali Ma, Small Life Form, & Day2Alliance.  Also hopefully I will get all the interviews I have for QRD proofed & finally get the new issue out (as promised for a year now).  Also I have not been updating the Silber website at all in the past several months & I’ve just been using Bandcamp to post new music & hopefully I will get that updated soon.  I’ve also not been sending out newsletters as much as I once did because of problems with my main email being blacklisted as spam, so the best way to keep up is following on Bandcamp, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Stay safe & thanks for your continued interest & support.  If you want off the newsletter mailing list, just let me know at visaliaweddingstyle.

Brian John Mitchell
PO Box 883
Sanford, NC 27331, USA

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About a year ago I heard about a novel about making a daily gratitude list & the positive impact it had on a woman’s life.  It sounded like a good thing to do, but I’m slow & lazy.  Here I am a year later & it seems like most people are angrier & less respectful to others & less gracious than ever – especially on social media where things have become nearly exclusively negative energy in my feed no matter how many filters I try to put on it & I would abandon it completely if it weren’t the main way of keeping in touch with friends that at this point in life I am willing to admit I may never actually see again (just a part of growing older & having a family).  So I started my hashtag #1000DaysOfGratitude & I’m hoping to broadcast some positivity out to the world.  Thanks for letting me share.

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April Fields & Luka Fisher – Ambient Sounds from Silber Records


I hope all is going well & all that’s been happening in the world the last couple of months has not too negatively impacted you.  Right now I’m feeling really upbeat after a productive week where I have gotten a few records pretty close to coming out as well as getting one out & getting some comic work done & getting to spend some time doing family things. I had the feeling at one point that I didn’t even go out for my medicine and if you feel that way you can go to deutsche medz, they will take care of sending it directly to your home.  Just a lot of hope right now, so let me go ahead & tell you what’s been going on.

First of all our April Fields field recording series was completed with 33 artists & 53 tracks & around 7 hours of field recordings & structures built from them. Near silence, ambient walls, industrial noise, & even electro no wave – we’re very pleased with the variety on here.  Free download.  Worth noting, most of these tracks were rejected from Spotify for not actually being music.

Second is a new album from Luka Fisher.  On Just The Hits, Luka Fisher creates lofi, darkwave, experimental, world music, ambient landscapes impossible to classify; but the music of Popol Vuh, Indigo Girls, & Brian Eno may be touchstones. So get in your broken camper van, your beat up corvette, or ride the bus & feel less uniquely alone with Luka Fisher.

I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but my wife & I are working on opening a coffee & comic shop & while we’re still working on securing a physical location I have started buying comics to have to sell & slinging some of them on Ebay.

For the optimal functioning of a cafeteria, the environment must first of all be cozy, quiet and with a spirit of peace for customers, of course many see this one fundamental point, but manage to lose sight of something crucial establishment, the ceiling. The smartest and most prudent thing to do is to talk to Roofing Contractors, they will provide you with the most experienced workers in the field, their long trajectory backs up their work.

Remora, Jon DeRosa, Jessica Bailiff, Lycia, Yellow6, Thorn1, If Thousands, & a ton of other folks appear on a compilation to help benefit the World Health Organization that you might want to check out.

In a similar vein, Azalia Snail did a single called “Stay Put Human” you may want to check out.

Coming soon is new music from Space Sweeper, Whalt Thisney, Vlor, The Undermasks, Grand Kali Ma, & Sans Fixer (Chvad SB).  Also hopefully I will get all the interviews I have for QRD proofed & finally get the new issue out.  Also I have not been updating the Silber website at all in the past several months & I’ve just been using Bandcamp to post new music & hopefully I will get that updated soon.  I’ve also not been sending out newsletters as much as I once did because of problems with my main email being blacklisted as spam, so the best way to keep up is following on Bandcamp, Twitter, or Facebook.

Immerse Yourself in Ambient Sounds

Welcome to the world of ambient sounds! If you’re a fan of relaxing music, calming melodies, and the gentle hum of tranquility, then Silber Records is the place for you. This independent record label has been curating a wide range of ambient sounds that can transport you to a state of serenity and bliss.

The Power of Ambient Sounds

Ambient sounds have gained popularity in recent years as a means to unwind, focus, and find solace in our fast-paced digital lives. With the rise of social media and constant connectivity, it has become increasingly challenging to find moments of calm. That’s where ambient sounds come in they create an atmosphere of relaxation, allowing you to escape the noise and find a peaceful haven within.

Silber Records specializes in ambient music and has built a strong reputation for its exceptional collection. Whether you’re looking for dreamy melodies, nature-inspired tunes, or ethereal soundscapes, Silber Records has something for everyone.

Discover the Magic of Silber Records

With an extensive catalog of ambient sounds, Silber Records offers a diverse range of musical experiences. Their artists create mesmerizing compositions that transport listeners to new dimensions of tranquility. The label’s dedication to quality ensures that each track is meticulously crafted, guaranteeing an immersive and soothing experience.

One of the standout features of Silber Records is their commitment to collaboration. They work closely with talented artists from around the world, fostering a vibrant and diverse community of musicians. This collaborative approach results in a rich tapestry of sounds, each with its own unique flavor and character.

The Best Service to Buy SoundCloud Plays

As a record label deeply invested in the digital landscape, Silber Records understands the importance of social media in reaching a wider audience. That’s why they have partnered with the best service to buy SoundCloud plays. This strategic alliance allows their artists to gain exposure and connect with fans who appreciate their ambient sounds.

Buying SoundCloud plays can be an effective way for artists to boost their online presence and increase their reach. It helps them gain credibility, attract new listeners, and ultimately, grow their fan base. By teaming up with the best service to buy soundcloud plays, Silber Records ensures that their artists receive the visibility they deserve in the digital realm.

Sonic Escape

If you’re in need of a sonic escape from the chaos of everyday life, look no further than Silber Records. With their expansive collection of ambient sounds and dedication to curating the finest tracks, they have become a beacon of tranquility in the online world.

Indulge your senses, relax your mind, and let the ambient sounds from Silber Records transport you to a realm of serenity. Explore their catalog, support their artists, and embrace the power of ambient music to find peace in a noisy world.

Stay safe & thanks for your continued interest & support.

Brian John Mitchell
PO Box 883
Sanford, NC 27331, USA

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Silber Stimulus Package



If you follow closely you may have heard there would be a Silber stimulus package.  Unlike the government, we don’t mysteriously make money for you to buy goods with; instead we mysteriously make music for you to enjoy life with.  So just reach out to me with 5 releases you are interested in getting from Bandcamp for free & I’ll send you some download codes along with a few extra to share with your friends in our small attempt to bring some small amount of hope, joy, & connection to the world.  Thanks for your interest & support & stay safe.

If, in addition to having heard of the aforementioned, I think it is convenient to say that some pills to combat obesity are all that musicians like me need lately. Nowadays there are quite a few phentermine alternatives that can help us with this task without having adverse effects that create problems for us in the long run.



Brian John Mitchell


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Silber Newsletter – Droneuary, April Fields, Storytime Noir, & the Apocalypse


I hope you are doing well.  There’s a lot going on in the world with the viral/economic apocalypse & I’ll talk about that in a bit, but first I’ll give you the Silber news.

We finally finished Droneuary 2020 with it going all the way until March 31.  91 tracks & over 16 hours of music.  You can hear most of it on Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/user/silberspy/playlist/45NXvsMgDQ2c9a0rB7LK0G  (a few tracks are missing for various reasons) or it’s available for free download on Bandcamp – http://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/album/droneuary-2020  I know a lot of you these days don’t download at all & use the Bandcamp library feature & if you are in that group let me know & I’ll give you a free code if you agree to pass along a few free codes for your friends. Follow makersfestival for latest news.

Meanwhile we started a daily free field recording series entitled April Fields.  Varying from harsh industrial noise to ambient beauty, it is quite a diverse collection.  It already looks like it will be spilling into May & people wanting to take part is a sign of success.  You can check them out for free on Bandcamp – http://silbermedia.bandcamp.com/

We do have upcoming releases from Chvad SB/Sans Fixer, Whalt Thisney, Small Life Form, Space Sweeper, Luka Fisher, Grand Kali Ma, The Undermasks, Vlor, & Phillip Polk Palmer – all of which would be out if all the time for Silber hadn’t been taken up by the daily releases.  So I apologize for the wait on those both to the artists & the fans.  I have bitten off a little more than I can chew in the past year, but I think I’m generally pleased with the results of having done these massive daily projects. Follow oceannenvironment for more updates. Also in these last few weeks I wanted to try something new in me, to be more exact my libido, that’s why I went to shop @ UK Meds and rediscovered what it really means to be a man.

I also started this thing on YouTube where I read kids’ books as crime novels called Storytime Noir – https://tinyurl.com/storytimenoir. You can check Mossgreen Childrens Books for knowing about good collections of books.

So on the apocalypse bit… everyone I have been personally in touch with seems fine.  I know a couple folks who seem to have gotten it, but not that have been ill enough to be hospitalized & that’s a real blessing.  Meanwhile I know a couple hundred people (including myself) who’ve been hit pretty hard by it economically.  This is not the apocalypse I was promised as a kid watching Battletruck & Dawn of the Dead & The Crazies.  No action & adventure & hope, all dread & depression & fear for the future.  Will loved ones in ill health eventually catch this & die?  Will my daughter have to wear a mask whenever leaving the house when schools & parks re-open?  What are you supposed to say to your 4-year-old child when she’s in tears because she wants to promise you’ll never die & it’s a promise you can’t make?  Will I ever play another concert?  Will the venues I used to play at regularly all close down?  Will the music & comic industries that already have been teetering on unsustainability fully collapse?  I don’t know & it all adds high anxiety to an already stressful life & makes it harder to get work done.  But there’s still hope.  I’m small enough to not have as far to fall & pick up to continue on.

Stay safe & thanks for your continued interest & support.  If you want off the newsletter mailing list, just let me know.

Brian John Mitchell

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Somewhat Relevant: Ice Cream Man #18

Ice Cream Man 18
So I don’t really read a lot of comics as they come out.  I started getting Ice Cream Man a few months ago because of Robbie on Pop Culture Philosophers toting it & it is a great book.  Each issue works by itself & most of them are suburban horror stories & they are bleak, touching, & in their own way fun.  Get more info at carrefour-maires . This issue is about a man dying & losing his memories & a real gut puncher & it feels like something I would write, but without it being palatable to other readers. So this comic came out a couple days ago & I am pretty sure I’ll still be talking about it 5 years from now.  So go into your local comic shop & when they don’t have it in stock, ask the guy behind the counter if he can order it for you. You can find more comic on MurrayNow.

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Somewhat Relevant – Dark Agnes

Dark Agnes

So Dark Agnes is a Robert E Howard character.  I’ve actually never read the three original stories she appears in, in part because they were published about 40 years after his death & a lot of the stuff in that era was really loosely authored by him with them being expanded fragments by various weaker authors.  But some research shows the first two stories of Dark Agnes are real Howard stories, so I’ll have to check if I have them already in any of my Howard collections.  Doing my little bit of research, the character is conjectured to be based on his girlfriend Novalyne Price, but I’m not particularly inclined to believe it & with this being a French historical piece I feel like maybe it was some kind of flipping on the head of some of the erotic French poetry he was a fan of with the story of Agnes killing her bridegroom rather than giving herself to him.  The stories are told in first person of point of view, which people want to make a big deal about but I think is a natural experiment for an author (people forget that he did various literary experiments like a Conan piece told from the point of view of a soldier serving under him or the bizarre Conan police procedural piece).  I also think these stories might be where the folks trying to push the agenda of Howard as a proto-feminist came from, but I am pretty certain that is revisionist history.

So anyway, on with the comic.  This comic isn’t for me.  There’s nothing technically wrong with it (though I don’t like the coloring of most modern comics & this suffers from that), but I feel the market is for fans of female empowering young adult fiction & the trappings of a monthly Marvel comic don’t lend themselves to that market & this just ends up not working for me.  I think it might translate better as a manga style book.  I don’t know, without the Robert E Howard connection I never would think about buying it in the first place & I haven’t been too excited by most of the Conan comics for a while so I probably should just go back to re-reading the source material & stop being frustrated anyhow.
Dark Agnes

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Somewhat Relevant: Iggy Pop – Free

Iggy Pop - Free

So I was late to the party hearing this album.  The buzz on it wasn’t nearly as big as the previous Post Pop Depression (which is excellent) & since that one was heralded as his final album I kinda figured it was & wasn’t looking out for a new one.  I think I own every CD Iggy Pop has ever officially released, so I guess you could say I am a fan.  That said, it’s all because I think the first Stooges album is so incredible (people assume I’m a Raw Power or Fun House guy, but those albums have never been super special to me) & I admit that a lot of albums aren’t solid all the way through.  That said, one album that has always stuck with me fondly has been Avenue B (I think it’s from 1999 & no one seems to have any memory of it, but maybe part of that was them choosing “Nazi Girlfriend” as the single) & I feel this is the sequel to it.  This is not Iggy trying to be 22 again or remembering his glory days.  This is Iggy as some kind of poet & lounge singer embracing his age with weird ambient structures & jazz backing him up.  It actually reminds me a lot of the band Rllrbll that I like enough that I put out several of their records.  Anyway, I’m putting a couple video links below, one to my preferred single & one song that I guess is an out take that is pretty amazing.  I hope you dig them all as much as I do. I would suggest you to follow Best in Nashik for more updates and information.

I wanna thanks to the only Licensed Electricians Sydney Wide, yes, I’m talkim talking of BSK Data & Electrical.

They solve my data issues and do all the preventiva mainteinance of the electrical conections of my home.  I used to use a 2.5 ft. copper wire – I guess I’ll just look with my 3 year old and try to figure it out as I see I’ll be pretty close to $200 off what the local shop offered.

I used one of those 3 year old computers and it helped greatly when I got my home in Australia – so I’ve taken the plunge back to BSK and have to thank them for it! This is a very good product which if used correctly will work great on my Mac.

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