Working on the Right Things

So sometimes life gets in my way for my getting work done here at Silber.  So it goes.

I got the barcode stickers made for the Aarktica.

I got the blurb stickers done for the Aarktica & Vlor.

Printed out the press releases for Aarktica & Vlor.

I printed out the address labels for the Vlor & Aarktica press mailings.

Did the follow up for the Moodring/Lost Kisses (week 3 of follow up).

Contacted some folks about booking shows for Small Life Form/Slicnaton in November.

Got in the MP7 player, but haven’t loaded on the Silber stuff yet (or tested that it is in working order for that matter).

Spent a long time looking at schematics for building my own pedals & geeking out over the idea.

Went through some channels at Live365 looking for DJs to potentially service.  It looks like in general Live365 is one the way out, but I often am 5-10 years behind the times.

Fooled around with some no input mixing using some of my cheaper equipment.  It’s interesting because it acts totally different on my seventies equipment than things worked on my 4-track & 8-track (maybe because they were recorders?).  The 4-track & 8-track I was running effect out loops back into inputs to get feedback loops that sounded like traditional feedback, but the stuff my cheap mixer seems to be good at making is beat oriented.  Which really makes no sense to me.  The only way I can get it to be more tone oriented is by running the feedback line into a reverb unit.  Maybe somebody with a little more knowledge than me can explain this in a comment below?

Goals for tomorrow include:
Sending out quarterly invoices to distros (& reminder solicitations of new releases to some of them).
Doing paperwork for the new digital store Sideways Through Sound.
Sending promo info to various music supervisors.
Loading an MP3 player for Saturday’s label fair.
Prepping the Aarktica & Vlor for promo to press/radio.
Laying out new mini-comics.

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