Goals for the day

Spent half the day contacting bloggers to take down links to free downloads of Silber releases & asking the hosting site to remove the files from DMCA violations.  There’s no real good solve for the situation.  Is it a good sign that a couple hundred people were willing to pay $0.05 on a Russian site for the new Aarktica or a bad sign?

Did the quarterly paperwork for taxes & tomorrow I should get out the royalty checks to artists.  It was a low quarter, but I’m anticipating things swinging up a little from here on out.  We’ll see what happens.

Got some minor site updating done.  More to go of course.

I did the paperwork for geting Vlor & Aarktica set up for digital distribution.  Going to try mail those out tomorrow along with some orders.

Still a lot of emails back & forth about the Moodring getting airplay.  A few stations on the west coast requesting radio sessions, which is awesome.  A few stations asking for radio IDs which is cool as well.

Goals for tomorrow include:
Making the barcode stickers for the Aarktica & putting them on the copies of the disc for the distros.
Sending out quarterly invoices to distros (& reminder solicitations of new releases to some of them).
Making the press/radio blurb stickers for Vlor & Aarktica.
Doing paperwork for the new digital store Sideways Through Sound.
Sending promo info to various music supervisors.

Goals for near future:
Loading an MP3 player for Saturday’s label fair.
Prepping the Aarktica & Vlor for promo to press/radio.
Laying out new mini-comics.
Sending out the next wave of follow up messages for Moodring/Lost Kisses.

Goals for the end of the month:
Collecting some tracks for making a new digital label sampler for free download.
Re-working the Lost Kisses soundtrack into a Small Life Form album.
Figuring out what’s up with the Remora: Mecha album.
Sending out all the Aarktica/Vlor promos.
Printing & assembling new mini-comics.
Making prototype Silberspy action figure.

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