Working on press releases

Got another draft of the Aarktica press release in from Jon that we need to kick back & forth a couple more times.

Finally got the first draft of the Moodring press release done.  Hopefully I’ll hear back from folks & get a second draft of that done tomorrow.

I realize some of you reading this don’t know exactly what a press release is & it’s importance in the music industry.  Basically it tells the story of the album & gives a reviewer some info from which they can decide if they want to bother listening to the disc or not.  So the goal is to create an accurate description of the music while telling some kind of story that makes people interested in the artists as human beings as well to get some personal/emotional interest in listening to the record as well.  The unfortunate side is that since we do pretty good press releases here, we end up seeing reviews that basically quote the press release & I have no idea if the CD was even listened to.  I use the term “North American Gamelan” (which I made up) in the description of the Moodring disc, & I think that we’ll see it in reviews which is fine.  Where it gets weird is when I coin a phrase like “post-apocalyptic-pop” in a press release & then see it start to be used to describe other folks as well.

Went through looking for podcasters who might be into the new music & was really surprised by the high percentage that seemed to be comedy based.  I guess music isn’t as cool as it used to be.

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