Today’s Accomplishments

I got the second draft of the Moodring press release done, so all that’s left is to lay it out for print.  Also instead of getting pins made, I ordered some mood rings (the rings that change color based on body temperature) to use for promo with the release.  Totally over the top & awesome.

Talked with Jon on the phone & finished up the Aarktica press release.  Just got to do the layout to print.  I’m ahead of the curve on that one.

Got an email from Kyle of Carta & the artwork should be coming in the next week or two & then it’ll be ready for manufacturing with a street date in November.

I got the art back already from Andrew White for Just A Man #3!  I haven’t even really printed issue #2 yet!  I’m not used to things coming back so quickly!

Martin sent me the DVD of Just A Man #1 in the mail & I theoretically will receive it tomorrow.  So I’ll be able to get it out for the Carboro Film Festival deadline on Friday.

I have a guitar tip that appears on the MB Underground Podcast at 25:25 on episode 7.

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