Working & Dreams

I sent out some emails to stores about stocking the new releases today.  I basically haven’t had time to do an overhaul updating those contacts in a couple years & about 10% of the emails  bounced back.  I wonder if I was given an appropriate office environment & amount of time to work if I’d be able/willing to do all the work it would take to get Silber to the level I want it to be.

So I got in the Remora discs for sale, but the promo copies came with just the discs & the artwork won’t be in until next week (shipping snafu).  So I got the pre-orders out, but I’m still waiting to run the promo.

Working on the proof reading for the next QRD (it’ll be a comic special).  Hoping to get that out early next week.

I’m working on updates to the website adding all the recent reviews.  I should get all of those up tomorrow.

Last Night’s Dreams:
My printer needs a green toner cartridge.  WTF?  Green has nothing to do with CMYK!

I’m at a recording studio with Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise), Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, & a drummer wearing Peter Criss’s makeup but is not Peter Criss.  For some reason I’m responsible for coming up with the riffs & lyrics that will become the next Kiss album as some sort of ghostwriter.

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One Response to Working & Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    you should totally do a music video for your new album based on this concept. sort of like that paul mccartney video where he’s playing all 100 performers on a stage and when they close up hey look it’s paul. cept you’ll be in kiss makeup instead of a dressed like a scare crow or whatever.