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So starting today I’m trying to actually use Facebook “properly” to do some stuff with Silber as I kinda like the way the new groups stuff works.  So here’s the Silber Records fan page & the Silber Records group page for all of you fine folks to join.  I’m going to make an attempt to spend some time in the chat room thing on the group page on a regular basis.

I got in a cover for the Robert E. Howard comic!  So now I have to just lay it out.  I actually did some more comic reviewer research today, wrote a first draft for a one off story, & drew some more of Lost Kisses #22.  I also found another potential new collaborator.  So a lot of comic book stuff done today.

In other Robert E. Howard news I finally ordered the biography of Howard written by his ex-girlfriend, which should give me more insight for writing a pseudo-auto-bio comic about the man.

The Silber ad on Tiny Mix Tapes is supposed to go live soon.  I think it’s 50,000 impressions.  We’ll see if it generates interest, sales, web traffic.  I hope so as I always liked TMT & would prefer to pay to see Silber ads on it instead of Honda ads if it’s practical.

The new Remora album is supposed to come in tomorrow.  Which means a lot of work to do as far as getting everything ready for the promo mailings as I was holding off mailing out the Azalia Snail & Electric Bird Noise to save some money on shipping.  Anyone around the Raleigh area interested in coming over one evening to help with assembly & stickering promos & sexy stuff like that, let me know.  Anyone not in Raleigh interested in helping do a little research over the internet (I usually issue projects that take about 4 hours), let me know.

The new issue of Lost Kisses (which is slightly sci-fi) has a reference to this Sun Ra song, so now it’s stuck in my head:

I just saw this episode of The Outer Limits that is pretty weird & awesome even by Outer Limits standards:

Last Night’s Dreams:
I’m on tour with Chrissy Kotsopoulos & Brian McKenzie (Electric Bird Noise) & have gotten separated from them at an after party the previous night.  I’m in a trailer & I can’t find anyone in it.  I call McKenzie trying to figure out where I am & I find a piece of mail, but the address reads “134 AB-CXY/GHSD, NK 328″ so I’m not sure what country that even puts me in.  I walk outside & see two women walking & ask them what town I’m in & one says, “Superia.”  I tell McKenzie over the phone that I’m in Superior & the woman corrects me that I’m in “Superia.”  Over the phone I hear McKenzie starting up the car & starting to swear & then he says it doesn’t matter where I am because somebody stole the GPS & he won’t be able to find me anyway.  Crap.

I’m on tour with my grandmother & it’s time for soundcheck but I’m in the parking lot with her leaning back in a chair & I’m cleaning bits of popcorn out of her teeth with my fingers.

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