Vigilant, Aarktica, Azalia Snail, Patricia Russo, Laser Printer, Dreams

So I spent more time working on the digital comics .  I am about halfway through with making the PDFs.  So as an example here is Vigilant #1 (I’m currently working on the script for #2).

I talked to Jon DeRosa (Aarktica) a bit & we may do a comic together sometime in the new year as a just for fun thing.  He’s currently in the studio working on a solo album.  So I’ll let you know when there is more news about it.

More talking with Azalia Snail trying to get things set up for the album.  It’ll be titled Celestial Respect.  It’ll be coming out in March.  You’ll be reading a lot about it between now & then.

I talked with Patricia Russo about maybe converting one of her old short stories into a mini-comic.  Also about doing an ebook collecting some of her short stories at some point in the future.  We’ll see what happens.

I’ve been looking into getting a color laser printer a bit.  The one I think I want is $400.  A little bit hard to justify.  I’m kind of wanting to go with a Brother because the two Brother printers that I’ve had have been pretty good & most I’ve messed with have been crap.

Last Night’s Dreams:
A Hefner song that I have somehow never heard before is being played in a car commercial.  I think the car is called a Festivia.

It’s a post-apocalyptic living underground scenario & for some reason most people have little antennae sticking out of their chest with flashing LEDs on them.  It seems pretty retarded & detrimental to staying alive &I’m thankful I don’t have them.

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2 Responses to Vigilant, Aarktica, Azalia Snail, Patricia Russo, Laser Printer, Dreams

  1. GoddakkAttack says:

    is it the story where the dude gets his penis yanked off at alien party as a prank? i hope so.

  2. Ha! It was actually a different one, but I think I might try that one too. Or do you want to do it?