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So I don’t know if the song I have been talking about is going to be used on the comp or not. It is perhaps a bit sub-par to me & not really fully realized, but probably ready to be abandoned. So anyway, here it is.


I did some more work towards making the digital versions of my comics available. I have to re-layout each issue to make it happen, so it’s taking a while. Here’s Extreme Lost Kisses #1 while I’m getting some of the others ready.

Today was the last day of my paintings at the gallery. Unfortunately the single sale from the opening is still all I had. I think I should try to do something more with pins or zipper pulls as something as something people buy on impulse even more so than the mini-comics. I need to see if I can get one of the companies that does buttons to let me have the template for a full printing page so I can do just ten of 25 buttons instead of 250 of one….

I looked up Silber on & it has totally different stats than Alexa does. According to Compete my popularity as a website is going up while my number of visitors is staying about the same. Makes me feel like internet users are getting to a point of only using three websites rather than cruising around. I just checked on MySpace & it is now down to site 54, below V Kontakte & Linked In. Wow. Also it looks like Twitter has a solid hold in the top ten being there about 6 months straight.

Last Night’s Dream:
I’m a photographer. I take art photos of guns. I take the guns apart & take pictures of the individual bits. For some reason I’m doing this on a football field.

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  1. Nick Marino says:

    ooooo digital XLK #1! i know what i’m blogging about later tonight!!!