Video Research

I spent the day going through the list of 100 video outlets that were allegedly targeted for the Vlor video.  I sometimes really don’t understand promotional people.  Of the hundred about 40 either no longer existed or were grossly inappropriate (& I’m assuming you think of metal as an appropriate outlet, but not hip-hop/rap).  So is it just laziness or a way to impress people with the list?  I mean, I suppose I could try to get someone to hire me to send 700 discs out to radio for promotion, but after 300 you are hitting some really useless places as far as the actual possibility of getting played.  I only send to 100 or so usually.  Anyway, looking at the video stuff is interesting because I guess one of the hip things right now is music videos piped in to businesses & there are a bunch of little companies doing this.  I guess I’ll know in a week or two if I wasted my whole day when I launch the promo for the stuff & find out if anyone has used it.  It still seems like the kind of thing to help raise Silber visibility.  To keep moving on like a juggernaut fueled by my personal desire to make it work.  Tomorrow I plan on doing some research for music video oriented playlists & channels on YouTube.  I think the research on video stuff is kinda fun & interesting in the same way I found doing radio research interesting from 1999-2001.  It makes me want to make music videos for sure.  & Remora’s theme would be “my videos are boring like my music.”  There should be a minimum of three videos associated with Mecha once it is ready to happen.  I probably should hire some hot girl to do a video for “Stripper Lessons” (a song based on the John O’Brien novel), but it seems kind of exploitive & creepy.  I’m trying to wrap my head around the ideas of what I am personally capable of as far as making a music video that isn’t a waste of time from a creative standpoint.

Part of the push towards me doing more video promotion is the new Aarktica video.

While doing the video research I ran into a couple lists of indie radio stations that I need to cross reference with my own.  See if there’s anyone new to work with on the lists.

I stumbled across this site & supposedly is worth almost $20,000.  It seems interesting.  I wonder who it’s worth that much to?

I noticed my stats seem a little down on Alexa, but I did some research on some other labels sites & they seemed to have had similarly significant drops.  Probably people freaking out & looking at healthcare & sports stuff in their spare time.

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