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The new issue of Razorcake is out with a pretty slanderous review of the Lost Kisses DVD.  I am confused by people not finding it funny.  But I guess that’s okay.

Did a bunch of research today in some Japanese review markets & record stores & that of course led back around to some more american blogs to add to my service list.

While I was visiting the Japanese sites I was trying to figure out how physical distribution of music has survived in Japan as it seems like they’d be ahead of us on the shift to digital music as they are more technically savvy & have less physical space to hold a music collection in general.  Anyone know much about this?  I couldn’t find any insightful articles on the state of music downloading in Japan.

Designed the ads for Delusions of Adequacy, Brainwashed, & Foxy Digitalis.  I know the adds probably won’t pay for themselves, but I like to think with as cheap as they are it’s a possibility.

I was talking to Jeremy Bennett (Sorry Welcome) a bit about the recent shift a lot of sites seem to have from soliciting ads to just using Google Adsense & how people are giving Google 100% ad placement through their site for $15 a month.  I wonder if these folks would give me 100% visibility on their site for such a low price?  Hard to say I suppose.  But I probably should just ask a site doing that “What can I get for $10?” if/when they review a Silber release.

I think I should mention one of the other upcoming people I’ll be working with at Silber.  Straight out of Russia – Thorn1.

I made a quick to do list & ended up with a couple of hundred hours of work.  While the majority of it is stuff only I can do for the label, some of it could be done by other folks if anyone has some spare internet time.

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