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So I tried out the USB mic I got the other day & it doesn’t work as I thought it would.  I thought it would act as it’s own input device, but instead it still goes through my soundcard & still has the hum problem caused by my replacement power supply.  At least I got it for $5 instead of $50.  I did think it was interesting looking at it’s physical design & seeing how it’s noise cancellation works with a second tiny mic that I presume is intentionally out of phase with the main mic at 90 degrees off of the main angle.  Interesting.  Of course who knows how well something like that operates on a $5 mic in the first place.

So last week there was this song placement place that got in touch with me about taking in the Silber catalog & I talked to them for about an hour on the phone about making it happen & I was like, “Email me a contract stipulating everything we said & I’ll start getting songs for you tomorrow.”  Three days later I get the same email from them that sparked the phone call.  Umm, not the level of professionalism I need in a business partner.  Meanwhile I found a music library service I could join for free through BMI & put up a dozen songs.  I feel like those things might be a waste of my time as I have stuff in four or five music placement libraries yet the only placements I have acquired have been through me personally being in touch with people working on a project.  But I guess maybe they work for some people & what else am I doing with my time.

Started doing some stuff for getting together things for a remix kit for the Remora single & wow are the files huge.  1.5 gigs for just one song?  28 tracks?  Huh, I guess I’m not a minimalist anymore?

From Peter Aldrich:
Last night Brian John Mitchell was in my dream. Very detailed zombie dream, he ended up getting bit.  He looked sort of like one of the monsters from Carnival of Souls. He was a full on zombie, but still had his human conciousness. I assumed this was because he was so smart or had such impulse control. Still, he was very gracious & asked that I kill him right away. I didn’t, because he is my pal. I was concerned about his imminent transformation, though. Eventually he disappeared from the dream as I became more concerned about zombie hordes & crumbling earth.

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