Piracy Give Up, Russian Pop, Apparel/Swag

Okay, so I’ve been using PCs since 1984 (my dad was a computer dude, so we were pretty early adapters on that).  My first 25 years using them I got two viruses (one in 1999 & one in 2003).  A couple years ago I started using Google Alerts for all the releases on Silber & I’ve been going to sites of ill-repute that are offering free downloads of Silber music to ask them to stop.  Yesterday I got my fifth virus related to this & it has been a little bit of a bitch to fix (Had to remove my anti-virus & run Combofix & then re-install the anti-virus.  I’m assuming it’s fixed now, we’ll see.), so I’m giving up on fighting all the piracy stuff.  Which I suppose I should’ve done before.  From now on I’ll only work on the piracy where I can tell it’s a safe URL.

Did some more work towards the Remora Russian pop cover.  A little more work to go on it of course.  I think I have the vocals done.  Need to decide if I’m going to add extra drum machine, bass, & guitar.

I was talking to Sarah June the other day & she’s talking about making some apparel available.  Like fancy gloves & such rather than t-shirts.  It’s an interesting idea.  It reminds me of when Michael Gira made the Angels of Light thong underwear.  What was that about?  & did they sell well or did he just use them to pay the ladies who were in the band at the time?  I remember seeing Captured by Robots & he had a couple different styles of underwear for sale & they were outselling his t-shirts for sure.  Meanwhile I’m still here debating the bottle openers & box cutters.  Or maybe I should make a “random swag bag” for sale that has postcards, stickers, bracelets, temporary tattoos, balloons, & buttons inside.

So far I only have about five interviews in for the QRD Father’s Day special.  If you know anyone I should interview for it, let me know.

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4 Responses to Piracy Give Up, Russian Pop, Apparel/Swag

  1. GoddakkATTACK says:

    well now you can just think the way i do. People that are using these piracy sites probably never were going to pay for your music any ways.