Top Silber Referrers of 2013

Top Sites People Discovered Silber Through in 2013:

I don’t think it’s any real surprise that most of our traffic comes from people already on our website.  Seems like it should be a no brainer that hopefully people go from one page to another.

I’m actually kind of surprised that Google is our second biggest referrer.  I guess that means we do okay with our search engine optimization.  But the number one phrase to get to the site was “zombie love” so I’m not sure how much quality traffic I’m getting anyway.  I do think that most of the blog traffic is generated from Google as it’s no secret that Google loves blogs.

I’ve never used this site, but every month it drives a lot of traffic as far as people listening to the sample MP3s on our site.  Which I am going to assume eventually might create a fan or two.

So you mean the countless hours I spend on Facebook actually do drive some traffic to the website?  Awesome.

This is some German site; I have no idea what it is.

So I know that Wikipedia drives a lot of traffic to some of the QRD interviews, but them being a top referrer to our website might mean I need to make Silber & QRD Wikipedia pages.

This download site from The Netherlands links up to us because of all our free download releases.  Hopefully it helps us develop fans.

This is a European site for finding free MP3s of which we offer hundreds.  Once again hopefully it helps future fans find out about us.

Okay, I am totally confused on this.  I think it’s a website for a Spanish baseball team or something.  I have no idea how or why it’s driving traffic to Silber.  I would guess maybe something about hot linking Silberspy photos on their site.

So for a while I tried to do a blog with a bunch of friends.  It kinda failed in the end I suppose & I decided to fold it into the Silber blog, but somehow it still drives traffic to the site.

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