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Did a little more research on the MP3 store thing.  I had no idea how good of a deal Amazon had.  256 encoding & releases on Silber seem to go between $7-$9 (I don’t set the prices myself, it’s done by third parties).  So maybe I’d set it up at $7 & 256 bits. We’ll see.

So I’ve been working on getting some music stuff in film & it’s been pointed out to me that if I really want to make money as a label I need to stop taking a 10% cut & increase that to 25% & then just never pay the bands.  Ha-ha-ha.  Though I am thinking about re-structuring things a bit where if something goes through a music library I get 10% & if I personally negotiate it I get 25%.  I feel like I am ripping myself off a bit on things because dealing direct can be ten hours of work & my 10% would only be $50.

Got a check from Carrot Top today for distribution.  They are the absolute best & most honest & on time distributor in the United States.  I have only even had to send them an invoice to get paid once in ten years.  So if you run a label or record store I suggest working with them.  If you’re a distributor, follow their business model & I can write about you like this one day….

So for those of you following my personal narrative (is there a difference between my personal narrative & artistic one anymore?), it looks like I’m going to be doing some part time cyber work doing medical billing.  Trying to get a lot of various things going on to be able to continue staying at the house taking care of my grandmother after the unemployment runs out.  We’ll see what happens.

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