The Mind Was a Terrible Thing to Taste

So like a lot of people I’d been debating getting that “new” Ministry album where they cover classic rock songs for months.  Today I bought it for full retail in somewhere between a hangover stupor & drunken whim.  It is awful.  If you read the liner notes you can see the problem.  Al only plays guitar on one song or so.  I guess since I ride around in my car listening to In Case You Didn’t Feel Like Showing Up, I was not aware of what Ministry was like these days.  This would have been better if it was a collection of the originals than the covers.

Did some follow up on the mini-comic promos & half the reviewers have responded enthusiastically.  It’s nice when reviewers say their wives/girlfriends love them, it means I’m doing something right.

Still getting over my cold, which gives me an excuse to do a drone set for Remora rather than a song set.

MySpace somehow deleted my top friends & I tried to put up accurate current ones, so if you are no longer up I’m sorry.  If you feel you’ve now arrived by being listed, welcome aboard.

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