Today was a day

I got in the first twelve panels for the western mini-comic I’m working on.  It’s called Just a Man.  It’s about a farmer looking for revenge & struggling with religion.

I got invited for a couple of compilations today.  Always flattering.

I don’t know if everyone who cares already knows, but there’s talk of a Swans reunion.  I’m not even sure what that means exactly when you look at how large the cast of swans was over the years & how diverse the music was.  I think I might be more excited with Body Lovers #2.

I got an interesting little thank you note from Casey Miller:
“The Electric Bird Noise album is described as ‘soothing’ on the card you sent.  Evidentally someone else in the universe finds the sound of banshees wailing in a howling void soothing, which makes me happy.”

Sent out some more follow up for the most recent issues of Lost Kisses & Worms.  I’m still working on writing the new Worms.  I thought I new what was going to happen, but I seem to be a little stalled out.

I had a tour dream (read as work dream) about somebody stealing a cash box & I took the box back from the guy & cornered him with three bandmates say, “You have a choice, you can decide which one of us is going to beat the shit out of you.”

Spent some time today working with Nic Slaton on the QRD TV demo.  There are a lot of things I need to figure out to make it really possible to make it work & look good enough to put my brand on.  We’ll see & I’ll let you know when we figure things out.

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