Sometimes the internet irks me

So lately Borders has been my book store of choice (I know I should go to the indie one 5 miles from my house, but Borders is next to my post office).  So I figured I should add their online services to the links I get kickbacks for.  While signing up their affiliate program is through Commision Junction, which I know I have an account with because I have gotten checks from them in the past (though the last one I got was probably in January of 2008).  So I go to Commision Junction & they’ve closed my account without any notification & not only that, they won’t let me sign back up.  Now I understand why some places like Musician’s Friend & Barnes & Nobles stopped working with them.  My links from my website still work, so I imagine someone is still being charged for any clicks; but I’m not being paid.  What jacks….

A while ago (mentioned in one of the blogs deleted by MySpace) I did another pass to finish the mastering of Carta’s new album.  I think it’s done, I should know in another day or so.  Just working on the artwork.

Loaded up some stuff for getting Remora’s Derivative to have digital distro.  I still haven’t really done the promo I need with that one because I want to co-op it with Remora’s Mecha.  Hopefully that will be out one day soon.

Still having some minor issues with the Lost Kisses DVD & I’m sick to death of working on it, which just makes it take longer to finish.  I think I will never work on a DVD project again in my life.  I’m pretty happy with the idea that technology is going to die.

I’m going to start sending out questions for musician/artist dads to be interviewed for QRD’s Father’s Day issue (a follow up from the one two years ago).  So if you know anyone I should interview, let me know their contact info.

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