Things Are Happening & I’m Happy About It

Okay, so the new QRD is out.  I’m pretty happy about that, but what I am more excited about is that I seem to have gotten myself back on a regiment of getting work done & focusing instead of just freaking out at all times.

I’ve spent the past couple of days doing a bit of work on Facebook in the groups/forums trying to spread the word about the new releases, kickstarter, & QRD.  But as I’m doing it I’m also making ticks of which groups seem most effective as well as figuring out ways to move quicker through the posting process.  So I’m hoping to switch things up on future releases where I go from eight hours of this tediousness to widdling it down to two hours.

The comics Kickstarter this time isn’t going as well as last year (meaning it’s making half as much money).  It’s essentially an identical campaign & people already know what I’m doing & I’m not getting a ton of orders on the big ticket items because presumably everyone who wants that stuff already has it, which is fine because that stuff is a lot of work to get ready anyhow.  I also didn’t make it as a staff pick this time out despite getting a fan letter from someone who works at Kickstarter.  I really have nothing to complain about as I’m somehow not losing money on something I like doing & that is a pretty awesome way to live.

I got in what I thought was going to be a big check from a distributor that only gets a check out to me every couple of years (the last one was $2500), but instead it was only sizable ($800).  Still, between that & the comic Kickstarter & the slight increased revenue from asking people to listen to Silber stuff on Spotify, I think I’ve got enough in to put Silber back in the black for the year.  What more can I really hope for than to run a music/comic company that doesn’t have a negative income in 2014?  So thank you all for your help.

Working up some 5in5 releases at the moment.  Hope to have them ready to go in a day or two.

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