The Year Fills Quickly

Sent off the last pack of questions for the new QRD.  I do have a few interviews in that I need to work up & I guess I should send out the info about advertising to a couple folks who might want to swing $10 (current issue banner ad) to $15 (always up with that issue’s articles sidebar ad) for an ad.  If you are among that type of person, give me a shout.

Did some work on Lost Kisses #9 today.  The theme of it is “why my friends’ lovers hate me” & of course there are a lot of reasons varying from me being a jerk to feeling like I’m a threat to fidelity.  It needs a little padding as the story is told in about 30 panels & I want it to be a minimum of 36 panels.

Did a semi-critical listening to Carta’s An Index Of Birds today.  I think people will really like it.  A bit of a cross between Low, Six by Seven, & old Windsor for the Derby.  So maybe it’s my dream album from ten years ago, but it’s still pretty amazing today.  In case you didn’t figure it out Carta looks like they are going to be joining the Silber family.  Nothing is ever 100% I suppose, but it should work out.

I’m looking at the possible release schedule right now & it seems like I need to start pinching a lot of pennies & cross my fingers for a golden goose.  Five releases pretty much up on deck & four other possibles plus a few limited releases sounds like a full year.


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